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Save energy and protect your products with professional-grade seals from Air Locke Dock Seal.
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Meeting All Your Expectations

At Air Locke Dock Seal, we aim to measure up to your expectations and find you the right seal for the right job. We specialize in truck seals, rail seals, MediGates and custom seals for your warehouses and other needs.

Affordable Truck Seals to Fit Any Dock

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Our truck seals are available in a variety of models and sizes, so you are sure to find the exact one to suit your business. From warehouse loading docks to hospital emergency rooms, our seals offer the highest level of protection.
Air Locke Dock Seal has been creating dock seals since 1938. Our owner, Larry O'Neal, invented the inflatable dock seal back in 1965. We are manufacturers of safe air seals that are used in a variety of industries throughout the globe.
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