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Models EN and VEN

EN and VEN Truck Seal Models

The truck seal models EN and VEN available at Air Locke Dock Seal are affordably priced. They provide most of the same functional features as our other seals. Both models are made from neoprene and are plank-mounted to the outer building walls.

Adjustable Sizing

The EN/14 and VEN/14 models extend outward up to 14" from the building walls, while the EN/20 and VEN/20 extend to 20". These models fit docks between 46" and 50" high and seal trucks up to 8' wide. Additionally, the EN/14 and EN/20 can seal trucks 12' to 13.5' high while the VEN/14 and VEN/20 models have adjustable upper seals to accommodate trucks up to 11' high. All these seals are inflated using a 1/10 hp wall-mounted blower.
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EN and VEN Model Brochures

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