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Models HP and HVP

HP and HVP Truck Seal Models

Our HP and HVP models are uniquely designed to provide you with completely unobstructed access to the full height of your truck and trailer openings. The top sections of these models lift away from the track automatically every time the seals are deflated, and the sides fall back against the wall. The seal is inflated against the truck after the vehicle is in place.

Made from the Best Materials

The HP and HVP models from Air Locke Dock Seal are crafted out of 16 oz neoprene-coated nylon. The HP model provides sealing capacity for trucks that are 12' or higher. The HVP's capacity is 11' and higher. These seals are comprised of metal frames that are galvanized and aluminum. No wood pieces are involved that could deteriorate. The track mount slides will simply snap right into place.
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HP and HVP Model Brochures

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Air Locke Dock Seal manufactures seals for commercial and industrial clients throughout the U.S.

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