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Models FP and FVP

FP and FVP Truck Seal Models

Air Locke Dock Seal's FP and FVP models are perimeter seals that are supplied with all-metal mounting frames. These truck seal units provide full, unobstructed access to the vehicle in both width and height. The blower is constructed under the canopy portion of the seal, keeping it out of the elements. To seal the truck, the head section inflates down on its roof while the side members come out from the wall and make a 90° turn against the vehicle's sides.

The FP can seal any vehicle between 12' and 13.5' high while the FVP inflates 12' lower to an 11' high truck. These models are crafted from tough, flexible and neoprene-coated nylon and manufactured right here in the U.S.
one large truck dock

FP and FVP Model Brochures

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Air Locke Dock Seal's owner Larry O'Neal invented the inflatable dock seal back in 1965.

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